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As an entrepreneur in his own right, James Miller knows first-hand the challenges that can be faced when setting up a business and can call on his experience when advising other business owners and SMEs. Find out more about how James can help you. 

With 15 years' experience in setting up and running digitally-enabled businesses, James is well-equipped to support companies wherever they are on their journey. 
As someone who has always loved technology, from tinkering with computers to learning to code and designing websites, he has an inherent ability to understand how technology works and is enthusiastic about helping others make it work too. 
James also knows that each business has its own unique requirements from a technology perspective and will work to help them understand their needs and advise on the best solutions.
Armed with extensive knowledge of leading-edge software applications such as Google Suite, WordPress, Trello, Canva, Slack, Figma, Hubspot, Google Analytics, Google Meet, Zoom and Microsoft Teams, James will take the hard work out of digital transformation for your business. 

Speak to James for advice on:
•	Business Startup
•	Business Planning
•	Finding New Customers
•	Retaining Customers and Selling more
•	Sourcing Finance & Funding
•	Hardware and Software
•	Business Productivity Tools
•	Cyber Security

James Miller

Digital Business Adviser

Having been actively involved in building businesses, both large and small, over the years, Trevor has a wealth of experience in dealing with companies of all sizes and at all levels. He has been involved in business acquisitions and sales, and if you are looking for assistance in securing a grant for your business, why not get in touch and see how Trevor can help?
Trevor combines his practical experience as a former Managing Director and small business owner with his knowledge of what it takes to succeed in securing grant funding. He has the ability to understand your business needs and aspirations to assist you in putting together a coherent grant application to maximise the chances of you getting the funding you need.
His experience spans marketing, business development, corporate finance, and people management, so he is well-placed to help your business.

Trevor Newham

Business Adviser

With almost 20 years’ experience working in the business support space and making it easier for SMEs to do more and go further, Phil is well-placed to help you make the right decisions at the right time to grow your business. 

Phil has loads of experience advising and consulting entrepreneurs at all stages in their journey, from those just starting out and not sure where to turn first, to more established businesses looking to survive and grow. 

Phil left his first career in graphic design in 2003 to take up a Business Support Adviser role at Barclays Bank, and has been working with small businesses ever since. These roles include working as a Small Business Manager with Santander Bank, and as a Business Support Adviser with Business Link North East where he worked with hundreds of businesses from across the North East region. 

In 2012 Phil joined UMi and has since held a number of business support roles across the organisation. In this role Phil has been helping businesses get grant ready, setting them on the right path by ensuring they have their ducks in a row before starting their application journey.

Phil Sly

Business Advisor

A highly analytical and customer-focused business adviser, Gemma draws on many years of experience working on the Business Support Helpline and various funding contracts to help businesses like yours navigate the challenges and opportunities you face.
Gemma has worked with clients on funds such as Virgin Unite, Start Up Loans, Durham Business Growth Programme, and many more. Her understanding of the intricacies of public funding and UK Subsidy Control rules means she is well-positioned to help you with shaping your project and applying for funding.
Having helped hundreds of businesses navigate complex challenges, Gemma can quickly get to grips with your business and the heart of a problem. She also has specialised knowledge in digital adoption, sales, marketing, and business finance.

Gemma Stephenson

Business Adviser


Wherever you are on your business journey, UMi makes it easier for you and your business to do more and go further.

Since 2007, we have worked with more than 500,000 businesses from across the UK to take the hard work out of finding and using the best information, expertise and finance.

Providing businesses with more than £288m in grants and loans, leveraging £650m in private investment, creating or safeguarding 30,000 jobs, facilitating contract wins worth £100m and hosting more than 1,000 events and campaigns.

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