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Canva: the creative hub you needed yesterday

Date: 7th December

Time: 9am - 12.30pm

Radisson Blu Hotel, Durham

Canva: the creative hub you needed yesterday

“I find creating fliers, presentations, roller banners, and business cards really difficult”, “designing content for social media is really tricky”, “I don’t know why, but I find writing product descriptions really challenging”.

Sound familiar? Want to change this narrative? Look no further than our hands-on Canva workshop on December 7th. Delivered by Amy Stockdale, a digital marketing & content creation specialist who has worked with Canva for 5+ years, this workshop is designed to support you with the fabulous creative software - no matter your experience!

Set your brand guidelines: if you’re looking to set or even develop existing brand guidelines then you’ll utilise Canva’s ‘Brand Kit’ feature to set colours, images, logos, fonts, and more for your business. Ensuring your content is branded, authentic, and consistent at the click of a mouse.

Learn to play and be creative for your business: so many of us teach ourselves out of creativity, this workshop is designed to remind you of the importance of playing with design programmes to discover your brand’s original identity in a digital landscape & to give you the boost in confidence you need to remember the importance of play!


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