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LinkedIn for Business Workshop

Date – 18th January
Venue – Durham County Cricket Club
Time – 9am – 12:30pm
Closing Date – 15th January
LinkedIn for Business Workshop

Sue Thompson from Catch Designs will facilitate this workshop to help you to optimise your LinkedIn personal profile to help you stand out, to build the right connections, find potential clients, and add the ‘stop the scroll’ content your audience needs to see. She will share new features, time-saving tips and best practice to make LinkedIn work hard for your business.

During the workshop she will cover:

  • Optimisation of a good robust LinkedIn Personal Profile - step-by-step

  • Developing good connections and networks

  • Creating content to enhance your profile and making LinkedIn work for you.

  • Share the changing face of Company pages on LinkedIn and how you as employees (or business owners) can support these marketing activities.


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