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How do people engage with the programme?

Engaging with the Durham Business Growth programme is a straightforward process for businesses in County Durham and is designed to ensure they receive the tailored support they need for growth and development. This step-by-step guide outlines the stages from initial inquiry to accessing the specific programme support that aligns with business goals.

1. Initiating Programme Enquiries

Businesses interested in benefiting from the Durham Business Growth programme can kickstart the process by visiting the dedicated website or by contacting the programme's dedicated phone line at 0191 7161006. These channels serve as the entry point for businesses to express their interest and explore the myriad opportunities the programme offers. *

2. Expression of Interest with UMi

Upon making an enquiry, businesses' information is seamlessly passed on to UMi, a pivotal partner in the programme's execution. Here, businesses will complete an Expression of Interest, providing essential details that will guide the subsequent stages of engagement. This data is securely stored in the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems—BUDI for Business Durham and Dynamics for RTC and UMi.

3. Meeting with Business Durham BEOs and Key Account Managers

Subsequently, Business Durham Business Engagement Officers (BEOs) and Key Account Managers will reach out to businesses for a meeting. During this interaction, they will conduct an initial diagnostic assessment and collaborate with the business to formulate an action plan. This crucial step ensures that the support provided is precisely tailored to meet the specific needs and goals of each participating business.

4. Referral to Relevant Programme Support

Based on the outcomes of the initial meeting and diagnostic assessment, businesses will be seamlessly referred to the appropriate programme support channels. This referral process is carefully designed to connect businesses with the resources and expertise that align with their identified growth objectives and strategic focus areas.

Engaging with the Durham Business Growth programme is a streamlined process that prioritises businesses' unique needs and goals. From the initial enquiry to the tailored support provided through collaborative efforts with Business Durham BEOs and Key Account Managers, businesses can expect a seamless and purposeful journey towards growth and success. This structured approach underscores the programme's commitment to empowering businesses for sustained prosperity in the regional business landscape.

*Please note, however, that businesses whose activities might bring Durham County Council’s name or reputation into disrepute will not be eligible for support.

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