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What other support is available?

Decarbonisation support

The Programme will fund external technical providers to deliver energy audits and decarbonisation plans within County Durham businesses engaged in a wider programme of support. This will generate the decarbonisation plans target. Where recommendations require an investment in capital or more detailed advisory work, beneficiaries may apply to receive a grant.

Businesses wishing to address their carbon footprint and resource efficiency will be offered a decarbonisation audit and 100 businesses will go on to develop full decarbonisation plans.

Productivity and Growth Support

Working alongside the Business Engagement Officers and the grants team, ‘Productivity and growth Specialists’ will deliver a mix of one-to-one and one-to-many support.

These will include Digital Advisers, who will focus on opportunities for businesses to become more productive and unlock growth through the adoption and better use of digital technology.

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