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Who manages what in the Durham Business Growth programme?

The Durham Business Growth programme is efficiently managed through a well-structured framework, ensuring seamless access and support for businesses seeking grant and decarbonisation assistance. This initiative is accessible through UMi and RTC North, each specializing in distinct aspects of the programme's offerings.

Grant and Decarbonisation Support

Businesses eager to tap into the resources provided by the Durham Business Growth programme can directly engage with UMi and RTC North for grant and decarbonisation support, respectively. UMi and RTC North serve as the primary gateways, providing specialized expertise in their respective domains. Whether it's financial grants or comprehensive guidance on decarbonisation strategies, businesses can rely on these dedicated entities for tailored assistance.

UMi: First Point of Contact

UMi takes the lead in managing website inquiries, as well as handling requests through the dedicated enquiry line. Their team of experts is adept at guiding businesses through the intricacies of the programme, ensuring a smooth and responsive experience. Whether through online platforms or direct calls, UMi is equipped to address a diverse array of inquiries promptly and effectively.

Relationship Management with Business Durham BEOs

For more nuanced programmatic enquiries, businesses can turn to the Business Durham Business Engagement Officers (BEOs). These seasoned professionals specialize in providing comprehensive support through relationship management. With a deep understanding of the programme's intricacies, they are well-positioned to offer tailored guidance, ensuring businesses derive maximum benefit from the Durham Business Growth programme.

The Durham Business Growth programme benefits from a meticulously designed management structure. UMi and RTC North serve as the primary access points for grant and decarbonisation support, while Business Durham BEOs excel in relationship management for program-specific inquiries. This streamlined approach ensures that businesses can easily navigate the programme, receiving the precise assistance they require to thrive and grow.

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