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What grant funding is available?

Delivered by Business Durham in partnership with UMi Commercial and RTC North, the scheme offers a selection of grants for eligible businesses, covering both capital expenditure and consultancy funding. If successful, you could receive funding of up to 40% of your expenditure up to a maximum grant of £200k for capital projects and £10k for consultancy projects.

Capital grants

  • Eligible expenditure includes plant, machinery, equipment, premises and fit-out works

  • Total funding pot of £3.3m

  • Grants available of between £10k and £200k

  • Maximum grant of 40% of eligible expenditure but the actual amount awarded will be assessed based on the need for grant argument and impact in terms of job outputs, productivity improvements and decarbonisation benefits.

  • Job creation and job safeguarding will be taken into account when assessing job impacts

  • Lighter touch process for grant requests of less than £50k

Revenue grants

  • Eligible expenditure is based on the costs associated with the engagement of specialist third-party consultants. This could include forecasting/business planning, financial and operational systems consultancy, marketing, social media, video and animation, HR, web/app development and many other forms of third-party consultancy.

  • Total funding pot of £700k

  • Grants available of between £1k and £10k at a fixed intervention rate of 40%

  • Range of outputs including job creation/safeguarding, productivity improvement and decarbonisation benefits.

Hybrid grants

  • Simplified route for combined capital and revenue-based projects with a grant request of under £50k

  • Eligible expenditure can be a mix of capital and revenue, with a £10k cap on the revenue element of the project

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