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Who is eligible for funding?

The Durham Business Growth programme stands as an inclusive initiative, extending its support to a wide spectrum of business sectors and entities of varying sizes. This broad eligibility ensures that businesses, regardless of their industry or scale, have the opportunity to benefit from the programme's offerings. The programme places a strategic emphasis on key themes, aligning with contemporary economic priorities and opportunities.

Business Sectors and Sizes

The Durham Business Growth programme takes an expansive approach to eligibility, welcoming businesses from a diverse array of sectors. This encompasses not only traditional industries but also dynamic sectors like tourism and rural businesses, recognising their vital role in regional development. Moreover, businesses of all sizes, from nimble startups to established large enterprises, are encouraged to participate. This inclusive eligibility criteria underscores the programme's commitment to fostering a thriving and competitive business ecosystem.

Key Themes for Support

To strategically align with contemporary economic trends and opportunities, the programme has identified key themes for targeted support. These themes serve as focal points, guiding businesses towards areas of significant growth potential. The identified themes include:

1. Green Economy and Decarbonisation:

Supporting businesses engaged in sustainable practices and the transition towards a low-carbon economy, in line with global environmental imperatives.

2. Space/Satellites:

Recognising the burgeoning potential of space-related technologies and applications, providing opportunities for businesses in this cutting-edge field.

3. Fintech/Digital:

Embracing the digital revolution, the programme extends support to businesses operating in the fintech sector, reflecting the pivotal role of technology in modern finance.

4. Advanced Material Electronics:

Nurturing innovation in the development of advanced materials and electronics, critical for driving technological progress across industries.

5. Life Sciences:

Acknowledging the significance of the life sciences sector, which encompasses biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare, among others, and plays a vital role in public health and innovation.

6. Creative and Cultural:

Recognising the economic and cultural value of the creative and cultural industries, supporting businesses in areas like arts, design, media, and entertainment.

This strategic alignment ensures that businesses engaged in these pivotal themes have access to tailored resources and support, allowing them to maximise their potential for growth and impact.

The Durham Business Growth programme's eligibility criteria reflect its commitment to inclusivity and strategic alignment with key economic themes. By extending its support to a wide range of business sectors and sizes, as well as emphasising critical themes, the programme stands as a catalyst for growth and innovation across the region. This approach reinforces the programme's role in nurturing a dynamic and resilient business landscape.

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