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What projects are covered?

The Durham Business Growth programme encompasses a wide range of projects aimed at catalyzing business expansion and development. These initiatives are strategically designed to provide financial support for crucial capital projects and facilitate access to expert consultancy services, ensuring businesses have the necessary resources to thrive and succeed.

Capital Projects

One of the key facets of the programme involves facilitating capital projects that serve as vital investments in a business's infrastructure and capabilities. This can encompass a diverse range of areas including:

1. Plant and Machinery:

Investments in specialised equipment and machinery to enhance production capacity and operational efficiency.

2. Premises:

Support for improvements, expansions, or renovations of physical facilities to accommodate business growth and operational needs.

3. Fit-Out Works:

Funding for customizing and outfitting spaces to meet specific industry requirements, creating functional and productive environments.

Consultancy Grants

The Durham Business Growth programme further extends its support by providing consultancy grants. These grants are designed to offset the costs associated with engaging external experts who bring specialized knowledge and skills to address a variety of critical business needs. Areas covered by consultancy grants include:

1. Forecasting and Business Planning:

Access to expert guidance in developing accurate forecasts and robust business plans that form the foundation for sustainable growth.

2. Financial and Operational Systems Consultancy:

Assistance in optimizing financial systems and operational processes to enhance efficiency and maximize profitability.

3. Marketing, Social Media, Video, and Animation:

Support for engaging experts in crafting effective marketing strategies, leveraging social media, and utilizing multimedia content for brand promotion.

4. Human Resources:

Consultancy services in HR management, covering areas such as talent acquisition, performance management, and organizational development.

5. Web and App Development:

Expertise in designing and developing web platforms and applications to bolster online presence and customer engagement.

This comprehensive range of project support ensures that businesses have access to the necessary resources and expertise to embark on transformative initiatives that drive growth and success.

The Durham Business Growth programme's project scope encompasses both tangible capital investments and invaluable consultancy support. By addressing critical areas like infrastructure enhancement and expert guidance, businesses are equipped to make significant strides towards their growth objectives. This comprehensive approach underscores the programme's commitment to fostering a thriving and competitive business landscape in the region.

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