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Craig Mayhew

Craig Mayhew

Business Engagement Officer

Craig Mayhew brings over five years of experience in business engagement to his role as a Business Engagement Officer for Business Durham, focusing on the South West region of County Durham.

Craig has worked in in the engineering and manufacturing industry where he developed process optimisation and quality control skills. He changed career paths in 2018, to a school Governance Clerk role for Durham County Council during the implementation of the current Ofsted Inspection Framework, giving him a strong foundation in governance and regulatory compliance. He then served as an Apprenticeship Coordinator at New College Durham, where he developed and managed apprenticeship programmes, ensuring apprentices acquired essential skills and knowledge and developed their career foundations.

In 2022, Craig returned to Durham County Council as an Employer Engagement Officer for DurhamWorks, providing careers guidance to individuals in accessing education, employment, and training opportunities. This role highlights his commitment to community development and workforce empowerment.

Now at Business Durham, Craig leads on People & Skills, engaging directly with businesses to support the development of Micro and SME enterprises. He focuses on enhancing skills and staffing needs to drive growth and productivity. With a passion for continuous learning and adaptability, Craig ensures the businesses he supports stay ahead of industry trends and succeed in an evolving market.

Craig's dedication to fostering business growth through strategic planning and action-oriented reviews makes him a valuable asset to the Business Durham and Durham Business Growth team. His expertise and commitment to empowering businesses underscore his role in helping them achieve their full potential.

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