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Keith Wallis

Keith Wallis

Business Support Specialist

Keith started his working life in technical services with a North Eastern electro-mechanical engineering business and was part of the team that introduced the first electronic Jacquard to the textile industry.

Following spells in technical services management and R & D management he then moved into quality assurance. In turn this led to a role in supplier and supply chain development in the Centre for Advanced Manufacturing and Management, then part of the University of Sunderland.

At the turn of the century he set up a business to develop software to support quality assurance. This developed into a more general technical services business covering network installation and database administration in addition to software and web development.

He sold this business on before setting up another business focused on web development and since that time has been involved in several other commercial ventures in construction, engineering management software development, vulnerable citizen support and NHS/GP services.

As part of RTC North he brings his wide ranging commercial and operational experience to further strengthen our team.

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