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Michelle Mann

Michelle Mann

Business Engagement Officer

With over 13 years of expertise in business support, Michelle Mann is an invaluable asset as a Business Engagement Officer at Durham Business Growth. Her passion for working with people and hearing their stories shines through in her current role, where she is dedicated to helping companies of all sizes in East Durham and Durham City thrive and grow with the assistance of Durham Business Growth.

Michelle's true passion lies in working closely with individuals and gaining a first-hand understanding of their businesses. She finds inspiration in the dedication and drive of business owners, which is why she thrives on meeting them face to face. By sharing their experiences and aligning their ambitions with practical strategies, Michelle aims to provide an exceptional level of customer service for all business contacts.

Prior to joining Durham Business Growth, Michelle served as a Business Support Advisor for the National Business Support Helpline. In this role, she conducted business diagnostic meetings, carefully identifying the unique support needed by each business and connecting them with the available resources. Michelle had the opportunity to work with SMEs across various industries nationwide, gaining valuable insights into business operations at a national level.

With her extensive experience, genuine desire to assist businesses, and exceptional skills, Michelle is a valuable resource for any business seeking guidance and support.

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